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Growing up i was always interested in making potions and would always play as the magic character in video games. I feel like being an herbalist is the real life version of this ! I've always had a calling to help people and this is the perfect avenue to be able to do that. I started making teas that would be able to have effects so that I wouldn't have to get prescriptions or take unnatural medicine. I really like making unique things and have a metaphysical approach to life.I was raised in a country that struggles to find a natural flow to life.I'm here to help the world go back to its roots. To show this world how powerful and magical the plant kingdom is! Healing and natural wellness your way!

I want to turn tea into an experience!

I believe that tea should have never stopped being the number one drink. It's way healthier then other popular drinks and can do so much more for our lives. If you make one move towards living a more conscious lifestyle, then it slowly builds up and you eventually have a domino effect . Beyond tea i think its important to share Koala Tea Vibes and hope that I can help people get to where they are trying to be!

Sending Koala Tea Vibes your way~ Stay Awesome =]

I have decided to put my Business Vision and Mission Statement~ Business Goals and Desires ~ and Business Description Below. This is all of the detailed information About Koala Tea Vibes. It goes over an in depth look of where I see my company in the future and the changes I will be bringing to the table. This is for those that are really interested in my company and what it brings !


~ As an herbalist I am drawn to the many benefits that herbs add to our lives. They are healthy ways to achieve almost everything we are looking to achieve. From desired mental states to adding to our health. My main goal with this company can be summed up with one phrase. Turning tea into an experience! With this describes many things I strive for. I want to make stronger blends that still taste good and complete desired effects. I want to open tea bars where people can come in and feel good naturally off of tea and have an atmosphere that is next level stuff! (Like mini Meow Wolfs /art collective) . Just like I have done with my house I want to open up a space for people to express themselves and further their own paths. That’s why turning tea into an experience makes such an impact with what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to make teas that people can take home and when they consume them they add value to their lives!  

Business Vision and Mission Statement~

Objective #1

~inspire other people to live their best lives and to take charge of their paths. By offering tea to people that genuinely makes a difference and adds to what they are already doing or need to be doing. Like blends I currently offer (listed below). As well as opening up a space for accountability groups.

~Dreaming ~ Meditation ~ Relaxing ~ Energy ~ Nootropic ~ Feel Good ~ Elder Berry ~ Hibiscus !

To things that im currently making like..

~Inner Chi  ~ Creativitea ~ Aphrodisiac ~ Positivtea~ Woman's Cycle ~ Pain


Objective #2

~To give people better options for medicines that  destroy their lives. As well as regular fixes for things like headaches and stomach issues. I will be accomplishing this by going the route of supplementation so that the FDA doesn't think I'm stepping on their toes. 


~Make healthier alternatives to alcohol that still have intoxicating and “pleasurable” effects. I will accomplish this by using specific ingredients that most companies don’t use because of price gauging. Things like ~Blue Lotus ~ Kanna ~ Kava ~Klip Dagga ~ Yohimbe ~ etc….


~Open up Tea Bars where people have an open and creative space. That attracts a specific atmosphere and VIBE. Where people can drink tea and hang out leisurely with friends and provide a space that is the total opposite atmosphere of a bar.  I will be doing this by creating a space where artists can use it to benefit themselves. By art I mean everything and anything; Working with musicians ~ visual artists ~ comedians etc… I will provide a space for art to be hung up and sold to benefit lots of different artists. Instead of limiting it to specific artists. I want to have events that are based off of specific ideas like goblins or metal vibes. Always change up what is on display. Have things like bean bags and other comfier options for people to relax and hang out. Have video game stations and stuff set up for people to use. Create work environments and other work shop type spaces for artists to use.

Objective #5

~To eventually carve a new way for corporations. To take away the greed and make positive ripples throughout our planet. To take away materialism and to fund projects to help the homeless and other things I believe in. I want to be a company that cares about people on an individual basis; Sending people things like birthday and Christmas presents and catching up with people and their lives. A large accountability group that cares to see people accomplish the things they care about.



To describe my business I have to describe parts of my self that exist to want to make this happen. I have always believed that buying experiences is worth more money then buying things. The only exception to that being that the things you are buying help you have specific experiences.  Such as a rock climber needs shoes a harness etc…. I have always been one to put experiences in front of materialism and that explains the depth of my company. I want to prove to the world that money isn’t the root of all evil. I want to prove to the world that with constructive ideas and a system of continuous income we can make this a better place to live for everyone.

I want to take away the programming they have instilled on most of the human race to think that money is bad. Just how the 1% have funneled the money I believe if we take the power back the first route to do this is through the money. I plan on revolutionizing the Tea and entertainment industry . As well as the world all together; I was always told that if you are going to dream the only way to dream is BIG!

I plan on growing one step at a time with making things happen at a continuous and steady pace. I want to white label with specific companies so I can have more legit packaging and expand with products first. Then the more I grow my tea I can open bars all around. I want to grow with people I can trust that believe in this idea; So that I can open them all around the states . I don’t want to just settle with one shop and never expand. I'm willing to expand with the the world and everything as it changes. It may seem far fetched but its because people that see the world similarly don't end up going this route. Obviously everything unfolds one step at a time, I just want to be held accountable ; that way when the company grows people know right from the get go what to expect!


Goals And Desires
Business Description~
Koala Tea Vibes
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